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Counseling the talented


Our motto is that what we always start from during our counseling. Clear goals allow you to achieve clear success.

Strategic career planning

Your goal is to become a professional? Only a small number of young players become actual football professionals. What you need is professional support in the realization of your goal to become a professional footballer.

This includes clearly defined goals, strong will and perseverance.

Parents are probably the most important persons when it comes to the level of succes of any talented player. In most cases, their tireless engagement is a prerequisite for starting a career in the young days. That is why FIRKL Football Management & Consulting is first and foremost a counselor for parents.
Want to know more? We will gladly give you counseling and, as part of it, also talk about your possibilities of becoming a professional.


FIRKL Football Management & Consulting will never ask for money from a young player or his/her parents.

Please contact us if you have any doubts regarding the identity or authenticity of any person contacting you on behalf of FIRKL Football Management & Consulting.